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The Month of May

Damn - so we officially only have 6 months of the year left!! Kinda exhilarating but also WHAT THE ACTUAL?! This month we did an amazing social media course which we both got so much goodness out of! When you're in this field you're always being bombarded with:

'Do this course' 'Join this group' 'This is the best coach' 'Buy this thing' 'Buy that!'

But because there is two of us it's important that we do things that connect with both of us - we need to find the thing that works with how we both do things, in the times that work for both of us. And with kids and busy lives with other businesses that also need our attention it's no easy feat to find something that works for both of us but this was just perfect - one three hour session which we sped up to x2 because that's just how we do and damn was it interesting. We both walked away with really clear tactical tools which we will use to the benefit of not just us but also our epic clients!!

AI - this month Adobe Firefly came out with some crazy AI technology which we've enjoyed playing with - it's technology which allows you to upload a graphic as a Structure type and then you type a prompt which transforms your image, it's random but super interesting and we made up some cool graphics with some of our client logo's, what's your favourite?


In June we're launching #smashyoursocials24 a Social Media challenge which is going to help get you on track with your socials for the remainder of the year. This is a monthly program designed to empower busy business owners like yourself to building a strong, strategic, and engaging social media strategy.

Over the course of six months, we'll guide you through the essential steps, from defining your brand voice to creating content that resonates with your audience and boosts sales. If you join our mailing list you'll be receiving some extra's to help you along the way!


Cient Highlight: At the beginning of the month we worked with a epic upcoming business to create some content to help them with the launch of their business. We can say without hesitation that Rose's Chilli Crisp is going to be the absolute talk of the town when you guys are able to get your little mits of this goodness because gaaaawd damn if it isn't one of the most delicious, most more-ish & crave worthy food toppers you will ever have!!

It's just the perfect amount of heat, sweet, umami and crunch that we litereally eat anything now and go "Mmmm yeah, this would work well with a bit of Rose's Chilli Crisp!" So pop over and go give her a follow to be in the know when this goodness is out and ready for the big wide world!

What's comin?! Well you guys have asked us and asked us and we've been talking about it since the beginning of days and we're finally going to have our very own content party. We want to host this on Friday the 2nd of August in Wellington. This is for you if your current socials strategy is feeling a bit meh, trying to figure out what to do about it is making you feel overwhelmed and uninspired and you're just a bit over it all. We reckon you should book a day where you finally prioritise you and for your business - because you KNOW it’s always the last thing on the list and you KNOW it’s important.

It’s going to be a beautiful half day of connection, productivity and getting fucking inspired again with like minded peeps, we're going to give you a DIY doc to work through with your new epic business buds to get your socials nailed.

And each attendee is going to be doing a mini brand shoot with us to get some fresh beautiful content to get you back on top of your socials game at the fraction of the cost of our standard content shoots. So not only will you walk away with a rad new crew of awesome humans in your corner, you're walking away with the tools to slay your socials and fresh beautiful new content to inspire your posts!

In order for this to go ahead we have to book all the spots - and you're only required to pay the deposit now so if this sounds like a bit of you click here to find out more. We will make a call on whether this happens by the first week of June!

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