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Building Connections and Celebrating Your Team: Team Photos and Individual Portraits

Updated: Jun 10

At Get Content, we believe that a thriving workplace is built on strong connections and a sense of community. One of the best ways to showcase your team, create that sense of belonging, and foster a deeper connection with your audience is through team photos and individual team portraits. These photos are not just for your website; they are a powerful tool to introduce your amazing team, celebrate their skills, and show that you care.

Team photo of the guys over at Mitchpine

Why Team Photos and Individual Portraits Matter

In an increasingly digital world, where face-to-face interactions may be limited, team photos and individual portraits serve as a window into your workplace culture. They allow you to connect with your audience on a personal level, putting faces to the names they interact with.

Website snippet from the friendly faces over at Best Practice law as an example of how a epic team photo adds familiarity and welcoming touch to their website.

Here's why they matter:

  1. Create a Community Feel: When people see your team photos, they feel like they're stepping into your workplace, even if it's just through their screens. It creates a sense of belonging and community.

  2. Highlight Your Team's Skills: Each member of your team brings unique skills and talents to the table. Team photos and individual portraits are an opportunity to showcase their expertise and what makes them stand out.

  3. Acknowledge and Appreciate: By featuring your team prominently, you're acknowledging their contributions and appreciating their hard work. This can boost team morale and loyalty and shows your audience you actually give a F.

  4. Connect with Your Audience: Your audience wants to know the faces behind the brand. Team photos humanize your business, making it easier for customers to connect with you.

  5. Social Media Engagement: These photos are also perfect for social media. Share them on your platforms, introduce your team members, and let your audience get to know the people behind the scenes.

Snippet from the Mitchpine website - we LOVE this design - when you scroll over a image it goes from b&w to colour! Website designed by the one and only Lemonface Creative.

Our Package: gc. | Drop in Portrait Sesh

  • Price: $390.00

  • Duration: 20 minutes

  • Location: We come to YOU!

Our gc. | Drop in Portrait Sesh is designed to make capturing team photos and individual portraits a breeze. Here's what the package includes:

  • 20 minutes on-site: We come to your workplace, making it convenient for you and your team.

  • 5 high-resolution photos: We'll capture the essence of your team in these professional images.

  • Online gallery: You'll have access to an online gallery with options to purchase additional photos, allowing you to expand your content gallery.

  • Quick turnaround: We understand that time is valuable. We'll provide you with your photos promptly.

Add-On Option: Extend Your Session

If you have a larger team or want more extensive coverage, you can add on $200 to your package. This extends your session to 40 minutes and includes an additional 5 high-resolution photos. It's the perfect choice for teams of all sizes.

We are all about making the process quick, fun, and painless. We want your team to feel relaxed and enjoy the experience, which will shine through in your photos.

Team photos and individual team portraits are more than just pictures; they're a reflection of your workplace's heart and soul. They demonstrate that you value your team and care about creating a connection with your audience.

Ready to showcase your amazing team and foster a deeper connection with your audience? Contact us today to book your session. Let's capture the spirit of your workplace together. At Get Content, we're not just photographers; we're storytellers, and your team is an integral part of that story.

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