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ok ok ok we won't shout all the time, promise.

The short of it is, you only create a certain kind of magic once.

When it comes to events, the stars align and there is this one instance of awesomeness. That's your event. The layout, the weather, the vibe, when it all comes together after so much effort - it's magic. The ingredients are so specific there's just no recreating the dish.

Events take a lot of organising, a lot of love and a lot of money so you might find it hard to justify an extra cost when you can just snap some pics yourself on the fly right?

Spoiler alert !! Wrong babes. Wrong.

Leave room in the budget, here are 5 reasons you really should get a pro in.

1. The time is now

Reinforce the success and VIBE of your event. Having quality moments captured and shared on socials straight away feeds the conversation and the more people are talking about your event afterwards, the more they are going to remember the FOMO next year and get in early for tickets! Show people what it's really like inside.

2. You need someone focussed on the joy, not the logistics

If you've just spent months planning this thing you're tuned into every detail - but chances are that the details you're tuned into are the logistical and practical minutiae of running the event, not the magic little moments being experienced. You're focused on the functionality, not the joy. You need someone whose only focus is capturing the vibe you've created.

3. Give everyone involved a lil high five <3

Being able to provide professional content for your vendors and performers is the ultimate gift! They don't get to see what it looks like when they are going full tilt. Gift them some images and they'll love you forever. Events are a fine balance of, planning, marketing, location, weather, vendors and performers - relationships are key and being able to share photos and video with your important people is like a little high five. Everybody wins.

4. It's literally a brand shoot. Save yourself money, capture it now.

You will only have the magic you make today, TODAY. So for the love of #%!@* make sure you get it on film! When an event goes off it's just some type of kismet. Trust us, it will be impossible to recreate. You have to capture it when it happens. Imagine the pain when you come to next years marketing and you know exactly the type of imagery you *could* be working with. Marketing needs emotion and vibes - and you've got it all here right now. Invest in your next event.

5. Give love to the vibe bruh, what you put out comes back to you

Honour all those beautiful humans that made your event what it was. We all love to relive experiences through content, there's no denying the happy juice we get from it!

Give 'em the juice!

Some event photographers offer an album that anyone can access and download photos from. You can use this little add-on to drive traffic from your socials to your website. Solidify your epic status in the minds of all the people and give them a look at parts of the day they might not have experienced.

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