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13 Things I learned in the first 30 mins of having an under-desk walking pad.

1. It was worth it

2. Sitting down with the heaters pumping all day is not good for you

3. I don't need the office heater any more

4. It's tricky to get a rhythm on your gait

5. You feel like you want to go faster but you don't actually need to

6. It's so motivating

7. Immediate endorphins

8. I need to pay close attention to how my feet land - it's awesome to get to practice that

9. My office mates will need noise-cancelling headphones (it's not loud considering but, still a constant noise.

10. My limber mini has come into its own

11. When you get off for the first time it's like you've been on the spinner at the park 😵‍💫

12. You drink more water

13. We should have bought treadmills instead of Oodies

How did I get here?

Bad habits have slipped in and stayed in over the last little while and having a job that requires days spent on my ass has meant that my hips have started totally aching. Google tells me it's either arthritis or my hip flexors shortening from sitting all the time. I have arthritis in my foot and I sit aaall the time so I'm ticking all the boxes 😂 As well as that, for ages now I've been either waking up with or getting mad headaches every day and having weird dizziness and nausea every day - what a pain in the ass!! I got sick of myself saying I wasn't feeling well, or feeling a bit off or a bit wah. Like shut up man. Sort it out.

Off course another google diagnosis followed - brain tumor. Terribly unfortunate news, better step up the health regiment 😂😳 (if you know me you know I'm the queen of google diagnoses 🥴🥴🥴)

My efforts to remedy myself started properly 2 weeks ago with

- actually using my standing desk

- trying to get to bed by 9 with no devices, asleep by 10 (some success, give it 30%)

- taking a whole regiment of supplements and vitamins in the morning (100%)

- drinking at least 2L of water a day (100%)

- eating food that makes me feel good

I don't want to be immobile and my family has a massive goal for next year so I need to not only stop seizing up but also get fitter than I've ever been in my whole life 💪 🥾

The walking pad was definitely a stretch on the current budget but I thought it would be worth it and I'm so glad I did it cos it definitely is!!

Now that I'm freshly on day one of being a pro desk treadmill athlete, sitting around freezing with the heater seems so stupid!!

It would be cool to have a monthly goal to walk somewhere, like from here to Auckland or something.

Standby for my review after 1 week haha

Current daily goal 10k (she says 30 mins after unpacking it and having walked 1km 😅😅)

And yes I did write this walking!

My amazing standing and sitting desk I got during Covid for walking at home Limber Mini


smiling under desk treadmill walking face day 1

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